Sand Dunes and Camel Safari, Jaisalmer

Sand Dunes and Camel Safari, JaisalmerThe majestic sand dunes in the Thar desert are amongst the most unique offering of the Desert Land – Rajasthan. These wind shaped sand dunes glow beneath the blue sky. The view is simply magical! Formation of the sand dunes is the most interesting natural phenomena. Accumulation of the sand blown by the winds results in the formation of sand dunes. Enchanting mirages created on the sand dunes by the ripples is truly a delight for a photographer.

The charm of these sand dunes is such that they overshadow the imposing forts and palaces spread throughout the landscape of the desert. The fascination of the dunes has trapped the tourists so much so that they prefer seeing the dunes than the forts in case they are on a short term tour in Rajasthan.

The shades and the shapes of these sand dunes change with each passing minute. No matter whether the wind blows gentle or harsh, changes in the appearance of the sand dunes are anyhow observed. Every now and then, the wind draws a shape and erases an image from these sand dunes. These innumerable emerging and vanishing figures from the sand dunes catapults several tourists. This sight does not fail to fascinate even the most seasoned traveler. Any Rajasthan tour is incomplete if you do not visit the sand dunes in the Thar.

The best way to view the sand dunes in Rajasthan is through a camel safari. These safari trips are organized well. Moreover, in the company of the tour guides you can explore these magical sand dunes at their best. Camel safari provides an opportunity to peep into the interiors of the desert landscape. You can see the otherwise least explored rural charm of Rajasthan while you take a camel ride. Between October to February lies the best season to undertake a camel safari.

The sand dunes look stunning in the evening time when they radiate in the moon light. Sand dunes also function as a home to the diverse wildlife in Rajasthan. Several cultural activities are organized with sand dunes in the backdrop. Overnight camping is possible in the dunes. No wonder, the sand dunes experience is out of this world.


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