Handicrafts of Rajasthan

Rajasthani handicraftIf you like handicrafts to decorate your home and person, Rajasthan is like a Pandora ’s Box, that begs to be explored. Each region of Rajasthan has some specialty that will captivate your eyes and heart. Be it textiles, jewellery, objects and articles made of wood and metal, leather ware and paintings; the diversity is stupendous.

Carved wood furniture such as cabinets, screens, chairs, tables, almirahs and racks are extremely ornate s. Wood figurines in the shape of animals, beautified with inlay work also are popular a buy. Exquisite jali (latticework) in stone is also made here. Craftsmen of Rajasthan also make delicately carved figures of deities on rosewood and sandalwood.

The famous marble inlay work is a closely protected traditional art and few expert exponents are available today. The objects in this style that are popular include table tops, flooring, & wall decorative objects. The art of tie & dye is associated with Rajasthan and so is hand block printing. Textiles and furnishings in these styles are exported far and wide. Besides these, embroidery styles like Zari and Zardosi are also recognized by connoisseurs.

In jewellery, Rajasthan is known for its various styles like enamel work, gem setting, Thewa (gold on glass), silver accessories, and mush more. Infact, Jaipur is the largest gem processing centre in India.

Blue pottery, an art originally of Persia, was introduced to Rajasthan by Maharaja Ram Singhji. In this, the blue colour is obtained from quartz stone. Other colours are obtained similarly, e.g. blue (oxide of cobalt), Green (oxide of copper) and the external white. Leather ware from Rajasthan includes footwear as well as jackets and garments besides saddles and boots.

Nowhere are the paintings as unique and as vibrant as they are in Rajasthan. There are three distinct styles, namely the Miniatures, Pichwais and Phads that are recognized the world over. Among these, there are several schools that were propagated by the various princely states.

There is no dearth of shopping in Rajasthan, so come prepared!


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