Wildlife of Rajasthan

Nahargarh Wildlife, RajasthanWant to see a tiger up close and personal? The best possibility exists in one of the Project Tiger sanctuaries in Rajasthan. Apart from tiger, Rajasthan has abundant wildlife. The royals of Rajasthan were patrons of hunting and created several wildlife reserves in the forests of Rajasthan. Hunting is now banned and these wildlife reserves are being used for conservation and eco-tourism.

Nature trails make for excellent trekking routes and can also be explored through safaris. There are Eco-tourism parks several in Rajasthan. The Nahargarh Biological Park has diverse vegetation and numerous species of wild beasts. The Jhalana Nature Trail, Arboretum Park, Amrita Devi Park and Machia Safari Park are among the other popular ones.

Rajasthan has four world-famous National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries that house a fascinating and diverse variety of birds and beasts, flora and fauna and hilly and forested terrain. These sanctuaries can be explored either by jeep or through an animal safari. If you are an adventurous person, the wildlife parks of Rajasthan are just the right place to come to.

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park at Bharatpur is a bird sanctuary that is visited, every year, the exotic Spoonbills and Siberian Cranes. The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and the Ranthambore National Park are tiger reserves. These destinations also have a large variety of other animal species including the wild boar, jackal, sambar and nilgai. The Ranthambore National Park is also a heritage site, being the location of the thousand-year-old Ranthambore fort.

Several of these sanctuaries have luxury accommodation in the form of heritage hotels and fully furnished luxury tents. Ranthambore is  also the site for several spa resorts.


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