Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

Desert Festival, JaisalmerDesert Festival is the time when the golden city of Jaisalmer gets an opportunity to flaunt its charm to the visitors. Men sporting colorful turbans complimented with big mustaches and veiled women dressed in bright colored ghagras (skirts) and adorned in traditional jewelry welcome you to the exciting Desert Festival of Jaisalmer. Royalty wrapped up in history comes alive when the camel events are held at the festival. Camel races are a wonderful sight to behold in the festival. The camels are amazingly decorated before they head for the festival with their owners. It is celebrated in the months of January-February with great pomp and show.

The festival is a window to peep into the glorious culture of Rajasthan. The people of the state dance on the beats of the music dedicated to the themes such as bravery, tragedy and romance. You can join them to enjoy the celebration to its fullest. The flexibility they have is clearly reflected in their dance movements. There is a perfect sync between the body, music and the rhythm. You will surely enjoy the interesting turban-tying contest. Turban is a symbol of pride in Rajput culture and different hues of turban depict different messages. For instance a saffron colored turban is a symbol of bravery. In Hindu tradition the exchange of turbans signifies a bond of relationship and respect. Well it is not an easy job to tie a turban which is generally 9 m long in a limited time period!

Camel ride to the Sam sand dunes is the adventurous way of culminating the festival. Well do not miss this opportunity!


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