Mewar Festival, Udaipur

Mewar Festival, UdaipurFairs and festivals form an inseparable part of the culture of Rajasthan. All religious occasions, births and seasons are celebrated in Rajasthan. The locals of Udaipur indulge in singing and dancing during the celebration of the Mewar Festival. The festivities are accompanied by fireworks and processions. The occasion is the arrival of the spring season.

The Mewar Festival coincides with Gangaur Festival. These festivals are of special significance for women who pray for their marital bliss. Even unmarried girls participate in the prayers and other festivities with the hope to get a husband as good as Lord Shiva. This is a time when womenfolk step out of their houses in bright attires so as to participate in the festivities. They gather and adorn the images of Isar (God Shiva) and Gauri (Goddess Parvati) to carry them in a procession to various parts of the city. They finally go upto the Gangaur Ghat of Lake Pichola where these images are transferred into special boats. This punctuates the religious facet of the festival.

Now arrives the time for cultural celebrations and merry-making. Zestful folk dances and songs fill the aura of the Udaipur. A display of fireworks marks the end of the celebrations. Like the other festivals in Rajasthan, Mewar Festival is also celebrated in high spirits by the locals who are eager to enjoy every single moment.


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