Mandawa Attraction

Paintings of Mandawa

Radha Krishna Painting, MandawaHave an eye for the arts and paintings? Come to Mandawa to see the beautiful paintings that adorn both the tiny houses of the local population as well as the walls of the stunning havelis that served as residences for former noble families. These paintings bring out the special love for colour that the native residents of Mandawa possess. People in Mandawa have long perfected the art of painting. One can express oneself best through a painting.

A series of mesmerising paintings will bowl you over while you walk into any of the massive havelis of Mandawa. The experience will actually be rewarding. The wealthy merchants were inclined towards this form of art which was fondly called the Shekhawati fresco style. Locally famous as 'ala-gila', these paintings were done on the walls.

The Mandawa paintings cover a vast variety of themes that kept changing with time. Mythology was the major theme of the frescoes during the 18th century. Portraits, hunting scenes and animals also dominated the paintings of that era. As time passed, the themes of these paintings also started varying. With the influence of British culture on Indian customs, the dominant themes of the 19th century paintings included themes like cars, balloons and trains.


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