Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Jantar Mantar, JaipurJantar Mantar— Where Architectural Pieces Probes the Cosmos

Do stars fascinate you? Are you inclined towards astronomy? Pay a visit to Jantar Mantar, Jaipur, and an amazing piece of architecture holding tremendous importance in the world of astronomy. And even if you don't have much interest in celestial bodies still the observatory is worth a visit. Enjoy its architectural beauty which is entirely different from all other monuments in Jaipur. Such structures are rare in this world. Religion and science have been put in the most harmonious way in this monument. This huge stone observatory was the outcome of the passion of Sawai Jai Singh II for astronomy. It is located in Jaipur. He constructed several pieces of architecture in India but this structure in Jaipur is the most praiseworthy.

It was built in stone and marble in the year 1716. Pandit Jagannath and Kewal Ram were the teachers of Sawai Jai Singh who would guide him to use the stone observatory correctly to take several celestial measurements.  Sawai Jai Singh was very passionate about astronomy and this led him to put together various astronomical inventions from different countries. One needs to be skilled enough to use this stone observatory as even a slightest mistake will give wrong measurement.

Jantar Mantar is an assortment of seventeen stone devices which are used to measure time, predict eclipses, finding stars in their orbits, to figure out the declinations of planets and measure the longitude and latitude of the celestial bodies. Some of the stone instruments are:

Kranti Yantra: It is used to measure the longitude and the latitude of the celestial bodies.

Diganta Yantra: It works to measure the azimuth (the arc of the horizon measured clockwise from the south point) of planetary bodies.

The twin Ram Yantra: Its function is to measure the altitude and the azimuth.

Chakra Yantra: It determines the angular measurement of an object from the equator.

Jai Prakash Yantra: It is used to find out the co-ordinates of the celestial bodies.

Do you believe in astrology? Well there a separate structure in Jantar Mantar which is dedicated to the twelve zodiac signs. If one is expert in taking the readings (especially an astrologer) then he/she can make some accurate predictions about you. Here you can even calculate the most auspicious time of the day. How interesting!


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