Holi, Jaipur

Holi, JaipurHoli is one of the most important festivals of Hindus which is steeped in all the colors of a rainbow. People of Jaipur play this festival with great zest and joy. Holi is celebrated on PhalgunPurnima or Poranmashi(full moon) in the month of March or April. In fact, the Holi played in the pink city is popularly known aslathmar Holi wherein the womenfolk use bamboo sticks to hit the men. Poor men! Anyway it is a part of the game. There is a mythological story attached to this festival. It is believed that the adorable Gopies has warned Lord Krishna and his friends not to step into the land of Barsana, their village on Holi. However, who could stop notorious Krishna. He went there with his friends and for this they were showered with bamboos by the Gopies.

During the festival the children enjoy the most. Their army might walk up to you with bright colors and water balloons. And the only option you have is to play with them because they don't spare anyone. So don't try to flee from there as they will easily catch you.

There is much more to Holi than colors and water balloons. There is a mythological story attached to it. Prahlad was a great devotee of Lord Narayana but his aunt Holika (his father's sister), the demon was against him. Not only his aunt but also his father Hiranyakashyap punished him several times and in several ways to make him abandon his faith. But they could not shake the faith of Prahlad. Finally his father asked his sister Holika, who was blessed to stay, unburnt even in fire, to take Prahlad in her lap and sit on the fire. She obeyed his brother but Prahlad remain untouched and absolutely fine while Holika was reduced to ashes. The message conveyed here is that your unwavering faith in the Almighty can help you overcome even the direst of situations. And the people who are demon-like are bound to suffer no matter what.

People of Jaipur are expert in making skin-friendly colors at home. The ingredients of the colors are neem, kumkum, haldi and bilva which have medicinal properties and hence does not cause any harm to skin. The festival is incomplete without having Bhang (it gives you a high) and sweets. Dance and music is also an integral part of the festival.

Play the festival of Holi once and you will remember it for the rest of your life. That's the promise of Jaipur Holi!


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