Camel Research Farm, Bikaner

Camel Research Farm, BikanerWell adapted to the harsh environment of the Desert, camel is an important element of the desert ecosystem. Especially the people residing in rural areas can not think of life without camels as they are of great help to them. Considering the necessity of the people living in the desert, the Central Government Of India established the Camel Research Farm on 5th July 1984. It is managed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. The farm is a home to around 230 camels. Have you eve seen a baby camel? If not then do pay a visit to this farm.

Located only at a distance of 8 km from the city of Bikaner, Camel Research Farm is a unique concept which is really benefiting the people residing in the Desert. Working towards the aim of achieving a rise in commercial viability of breeding camels, the Farm is carrying out extensive research on different subjects related to camel. For instance how to cultivate infrastructure facilities for conservation and preservation of the existing breeds of camel and how to foster new scientific and technical information for getting good breeds. Another interesting topic on which research is going on is one humped and double humped camel.

Slowly and steadily the Camel Research Farm is achieving success. The good camel breeds in the farm are a result of the artificial insemination in camels. The well bred camels form the farm are also taken to the cattle fairs held in Rajasthan. Many traders from far and wide come to the fair to buy cattle.

While savoring the pure camel milk or milk products at the Cafe of the farm you can talk to the researchers about the shelf life of the camel milk and its products, its nutritive value or any other question lurking in your mind.

Time Of Visit:

You can pay a visit to the farm between 3 PM to 5 PM on any day.


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