Pokharan Attraction

Pokhran Fort

Pokharan FortFort Pokhran is a 14th century fort located in a beautiful town Pokhran. The literal meaning of Pokhran is 'the place of five mirages'. The town is encircled by rocks, sand and five salt ranges. It was once the capital of Marwar. It is known for its magnificent forts and stunning havelis. Pokhran Fort is an impressive fort which was built by Thakur Rao Maldeo (1532-1584).

Carved in yellow sandstone, the fort boasts of several imposing establishments such as the Mangal Niwas, the Rani Mahal and the Phool Niwas or the Flower Palace. The combination of the Rajput and Mughal styles of architecture has been used very elegantly in the construction of the fort. The wooden door at the entrance is fortified with iron spikes. The fort was erected on an ancient trade route. The traders would carry salt, silk and spices to Persia and other countries. Humayun, the Mughal Emperor and his great grandson Akbar had also savored the hospitality of the fort.

The fort has now been converted into a heritage hotel. Thakur Nagendra Singh Pokaran is the present owner of the fort. Speak to him if you want to know anything about the history of the fort.  He welcomes you to get engrossed in the beauty and history of the fort and the town. In the Mangal Mahal you can relish the traditional Rajasthani food cooked by the royal family chef. The mahals of the fort have flawlessly carved Jharokas, turrets and parapets.

Within the boundary of the fort lies a Museum where royal paintings, weapons, pottery, costumes and the indoor games played by the erstwhile Maharajas are on display. Once you are done with the fort you can head for a beautiful temple dedicated to Baba Ramdeo who is respected by both Hindus and Muslims. It is located at a distance of only 15 km from the fort.


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