Gomukh Temple, Mount Abu

Gomukh Temple, Mount AbuMount Abu is blessed with amazing temples as it was once a famous pilgrimage center of Hindus. Numerous devotees come from different parts of India and abroad to see the wonderful Gomukh temple. The temple derives its name from a small stream that flows from the mouth of a cow exquisitely carved in marble. According to the popular belief the waters of this stream has curative properties. The shrine is located only 2 km away from Mount Abu and is the holy place which is dotted with an ancient 'Agni Kund' which holds deep mythological importance. It is believed that the great sage Vasishta performed a Yajna here in the past. The Yajna gave birth to four Rajput clans. Yajna entails pouring oblations into the divine Agni (fire). It is believed that whatever one pours into Agni reaches the heavenly deities.

Within the complex of the temple also lies a marble statue of Nandi Bull—the vehicle of Lord Shiva. The image of the sage Vasishta in the shrine is surrounded by the beautiful images of Shri Rama and Lord Krishna (Hindu deities). Both these heavenly deities are considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is believed to be the preserver of the Universe.


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