Nagaur Fair, Jodhpur

Nagaur Fair, JodhpurWith the commencement of the Nagaur Fair, the entire town of Nagaur comes alive. Nagaur Fair is one of the largest cattle fairs in India and the second largest in Rajasthan. Buying and selling of livestock takes place in huge numbers at the fair. The owners carrying these cattle along come wearing brilliantly coloured turbans and flaunting their long moustaches. The bulls from Nagaur are quite famous for their fleet footedness.

Sports and events like tug of war and camel races are an addition to the merriment of the fair. After the much tiring trading, these sources are the best way to help the tourists relax and enjoy the fair at its fullest. The most important of the Rajput townships, Nagaur, can be seen at its colourful best during the Nagaur Fair held in the month of January-February every year.

Apart from buying and selling of cattle, the small market at the fair attracts a horde of tourists. These markets sell routine wares like utensils, shoes, clothes and several other things. Wooden items, leather and iron accessories are also sold in abundance at the fair. Mirchi Bazaar (red chilly market) is the most prominent attraction of this eight day long fair. With the last rays of the sun, the sounds of folk music and the sight of folk dances echo far and wide across the desert.


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