About Rajasthan

Rajasthan Musical InstrumentRajasthan is a truly blessed land. The sheer diversity of culture and heritage in Rajasthan is mind boggling. Due to its tradition of religious tolerance, having been a cradle of an ancient civilization namely the Harappan civilization, having nurtured one major religion i.e. Jainism to its peak glory and also due to its past wherein royals played the major role, Rajasthan is a special place.

Even its topography is different from rest of India. Rajasthan covers the major part of the Great Indian Desert Thar; two major rivers sustain the State; there are several dense forests, some of these are now major wildlife sanctuaries. Rajasthan it is also bounded by the Aravali mountain range.

Rajasthan is known for its luxurious palaces, awe inspiring forts, rich handicrafts, plush and colourful textiles as well as beautiful places of worship of all religions. It has plenty of festivals that offer cultural insights into Rajasthan. The fairs are sheer fun and attract people from all over, be it the Pushkar camel fair or the Nagaur cattle fair or the Kite festival.

The cuisine of Rajasthan, its shopping options, the desert safaris and luxury camps all beckon you. The haunting strains of Rajasthan music and its captivating folk dances will mesmerize you. Experience the culture and heritage of Rajasthan once and you will keep asking for more.

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