Luni Attraction

Fort Chanwa, Luni

Fort Chanwa, LuniAn extraordinary example of symmetry and elegance of the Indian architecture is Fort Chanwa in Luni. The Fort Chanwa is built in red sandstone entirely. The intricately carved lattice work and the exquisitely sculpted Jharokhas take you aback into the grace of the bygone era. Beautiful courtyards, passages, stairways and towers add to the composition of the fort.

Catch a perfect glimpse of the rural Rajasthan from the roof top of the fort. The walls of the fort are adorned by the paintings that bring forth the skill of the craftsmen of the bygone era. The entire Luni Village nestles in the shadow of the magnificent fort. The village has still kept alive skills of the artisans passed down by their ancestors. 

Time seems to have come to a stand still in Village Luni. Till date, you can observe children playing in the narrow carefree streets. Women dressed in bright attires still go to the village well to draw water. The change has only been observed in the magnificent Fort Chanwa that has now been converted into a luxury hotel. The former glory of the fort has been kept intact. The restoration is in the hands of Maharaja Dalip Singhji and Rani Madhu, his wife. The ambience of the Fort Chanwa will definitely capture your heart.


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