Bundi, RajasthanEtched in the pages of history as the capital of the Chauhan kingdom in the 12th century, the ancient city of Bundi derives its name from the leader of the Meena tribe, Bunda Meena. It served as an important Rajput stronghold in medieval times.

The city is well-known for its waterworks in the step wells, adventure tourism and cultural heritage. Forts and palaces are among the tourist attractions, as is the case with many destinations in Rajasthan.

The Taragarh fort is an impressive construction that stands out with its imposing gateway. The fort offers a panoramic view of the city and is home to some water reservoirs that were carved out of the rocky base of the fort. The largest of the battlements is a huge tower called Bhim Burj   that offers base for a canon. The Rani Mahal, a part of the palace, was constructed for the queens and concubines of rulers; it now lies in ruins.

Sukh Mahal could well be the next item on your schedule. It is a glorious palace that stands on the Sukh Sagar Lake was used a summer palace in royal times. It is believed that an underground tunnel connects the Mahal to the old Bundi palace. An attractive garden on its premises completes the look. A white marble chattri is the highlight of the structure.

Bundi is famous for its waterworks or the step-wells that are called the Bawadis. The step-wells were considered an answer to the citys' water woes. There are as many as 50 step-wells, each with its unique designs and dimensions. The Rani-ji-ki bawadi is an architectural treat. Other attraction in the city is the Bundi Palace that showcases murals and other works of art.

Shopping and climate

The Bazaars of Bundi are a shopper’s delight. The Bundi School of paintings is world famous, so miniature paintings are a must -buy. The cotton carpets from Bundi are another addition to the experience. With Kota saris, lac bangles and striking shawls among the numerous items on display, the bazaars pretty much represent the essence of Bundi culture. So make sure you accommodate shopping into your tour schedule. Bundi is also called Small-Varanasi as it reflects rich culture, religious traditions and a history of art .Bundi can get unpleasantly warm in the summers so August-February is the best time to visit. The Kajli-Teej festival held in July-August is a tourist attraction.

Several hotels in Bundi provide tourist accommodation; the Haveli Brajbhushanjee and Royal Retreat serve excellent vegetarian food.  Bundi is well-connected by road and rail to all cities in Rajasthan. Jaipur is the nearest airport.


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