Pushkar Lake, Ajmer

Pushkar lake, AjmerThe Pushkar Lake is one of the oldest creations in the city of Ajmer, Rajasthan. It is believed that the lake was created as a result of the falling of a lotus from Lord Brahma's hands. The Pushkar Lake is regarded as a holy lake. Innumerable tourists and devotees gather here during Kartik Poornima to take a dip in the waters of the lake. This is done to wash off their sins. The devotees consider this equal to performing yagnas for hundreds of years.

The lake is surrounded by beautiful hills. A total of 52 bathing ghats are built around the holy lake. It is believed that water at each ghat has some special powers. The Roop Tirth is believed to give beauty, Naga Kund gives fertility, water of the Kapil Vyapi Kund helps to cure leprosy and a dip in the waters of Mrikand Muni Kund gives wisdom. Other important ghats at the Pushkar Lake include the Varah ghat, the Brahma ghat and Gau ghat.

It is believed that if a women takes bath in the waters of this lake, she not only washes off her sins but the sins of her husband as well. In case a person wants to wash off the sins completely, three twilights are to be passed at three different ghats of the lake. You are not allowed to click pictures on the ghats of the holy Pushkar Lake.


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